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Meet the Judges: Seth

The Inky Award judges have 20 books to read in two months and the shadow judges had a month to read two books each… so I set them some extra work! I asked them to tell us a bit about themselves so we can get to know them a bit better. Curious about who is hard at work creating the Inky Awards shortlist? Meet them in our Meet the Judges series.

Today we meet shadow judge Seth (orora)

My favourite book when I was little:

I never really had a favourite book as a child, I just read what I could whenever I could.

Most unusual place you might find me reading:

I don’t really have an unusual place I read, I could say at school or in my bed at night (as reading a chapter helps me sleep) but those aren’t places I don’t usually read (if that’s what you mean by most unusual place you’d might find me reading)

A book I have read that I wish more people would read:

I wish more people would read is On Two Feet and Wings (more specifically this book series) by Abbas Kazerooni as it’s a great book and really captures the things a child who was forced to grow up under certain circumstances would think and each of the characters are great although they could have been explored more, it is also based on a true story as well which  makes it very interesting.

A book cover that I love:

I don’t particularly have a favourite book cover as I care more about the story in a book rather than the pretty pictures on the cover.

My controversial opinion about books/reading:

I also don’t have a very controversial opinion about reading and books that I know of, as I can see both sides of a story from different people, as long as they’re opinion isn’t solely based on a bias towards a author or style of story and their opinions and facts to back their statement up.